Surviving the School Shut Down

At Botshabelo’s preschool, Urban Kids, we are committed to education AND health! And in these unprecedented days we are doing all that we can to care AND to help… and so here’s a message from our Principal, Cailey, about how to cope with the School Shut Down: 

School Closure! I’m sure every parent who listened to the President’s speech on Sunday heard those two words loud and clear! Now as a preschool principal I’m use to loud, but even I got a fright when I heard this! I thought to myself, how am I going to work from home with two children? Let me tell you, it’s not easy. There have been many moments where I wanted to put myself on timeout, and suspend my students (aka my kids). However, through the everyday crazy we have made some incredibly special memories!

It has been through the support of some amazing websites, apps, and the occasional mid-day dance party! As someone who works in the education sector I knew where to look for educational at home support however, I came across something amazing! Almost all of the paid subscription websites were now offering free membership to parents. I even started to subscribe to websites I knew virtually nothing about purely because it said free. So, I have weeded out the rubbish websites that don’t deserve your email addresses, and provided you with 5 websites/apps that I have personally tried and tested:

    On their homepage you will see three different options (Primary Resources, Secondary Resources, and Parents). Click on parents, once you have filled in the appropriate information you will have access to not only worksheets, but eBooks, games, activities, and art ideas. This website is amazing as you can find South African based resources alongside international.
  1. StorylineOnline (App)
    So, I am new to the StorylineOnline app. It was actually recommended to me by a friend of mine. You can download it on a phone or tablet through your app store. The app provides you access to children’s story books that are then read by actors and actresses. This app has already become one of my favourites purely based on their book selection. Again, this app has been made free during this time!
  2. Khan Academy Kids (App)
    Khan Academy Kids is an educational game app geared for children ages 4-6. It takes children through a house where they learn letter sounds, recognise numbers, read book and sing songs. I have had this app on my phone for about 6 months now, and my son and I have played the games together and love it! It is a free app, even outside of the set school closure dates.
    This website is full of family days that have been tried and tested and their all about frugal fun. It is full of crazy ideas like “musical statues” in the middle of the day, or using recycled everyday materials to make abstract art.
    Scholastic has created a free learn from home site. Each week they post 5 different themes where they provide ebooks, videos and activities for you to use. For example, this week’s themes were: Animal Studies (rabbits), Living Things (plants), Life Cycles (animal babies), Earth and Space (The moon) and Seasons (spring).

Enjoy the family time, and remember to throw in a few dance parties, or a game of hide and seek!


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