Time for a Spring Clean

Spring! Just the word makes us feel jittery, full of the famous restive energy that abounds this time of year. Most of the time, we look forward to cheering up after we adjust to the bright early mornings.

We start feeling the urge to get a-moving, to want to mix it up, get some excitement thrown in, refresh, renew, recharge, get lively, shake it up, recommit, take it up a notch, make it happen, get fired up, kick it in gear, and have at it. Hopefully, the restive energy we feel can be harnessed for the good.

This September I invite you to dust off your Winter and Spring forward by taking part in a worldwide phenomenon known as Spring Cleaning.
Why should you be spring cleaning you ask…………. Well, here are five reasons to get you motivated
1. You get rid of your old stuff and stock up Urban Closet (Botshabelo’s 2nd hand store)
2. A decluttered house can reduce stress and depression
3. Botshabelo gets to use your unwanted items for something better.
4. By cleaning for two hours, you burn 200 worth of calories (google fact) .
5. Proceeds go straight into our 3 programmes reaching over 3000 beneficiaries
WOW!!!!!! Staying healthy while changing lives and making a difference!!! Who thought giving back could be so easy.
Contact us at admin@botshabelo.co.za to schedule your donation drop off date.

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