Mandela Month, a success!

Mandela Day remains our favourite day of the year. But our new favourite MONTH is Mandela Month!!

As we shifted and adjusted our Mandela Day plans for 2020, declaring the whole of July “Mandela Month”, we watched as our community rallied, just like before. Our supporters gave back. Our heroes donned masks instead of capes. They came and conquered!

We FILLED 71 squares online! Which equates to OVER 1 000 items donated to our programmes – this includes 308 story books, 38 blankets and 321 food items! That is A LOT of essential resource for us!

There is only one thing left to say…


To every donor and supporter. For every donation, big and small. For the families that came. The companies that gave.
Thank you for generosity that humbles and honours, gives dignity and hope! 

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