Mandela Day is STILL ON!

We are excited for a great month of giving back to honour Madiba’s legacy! We hope you’ll join in on the fun!

As expected, we are not able to do our usual volunteer/in-person projects, and we’re not able to host our usual “67 Square Metres” this year. While we are sad to miss the opportunity to gather together and mark the moment, we are ready to pivot and face the new season with gusto!

SO… we will still be filling 67 squares for Mandela Day this year! BUT… they will be DIGITAL squares! Any donor that donates to our Mandela Day efforts will get their name (company or individual) on one of the squares on our website. Check it out here.

We hope you will help us fill all 67 squares… maybe a few times over!

We have declared the whole month of July – MANDELA MONTH! So you have extra time to plan and participate. We need Mandela Day – it usually fills our pantry and storerooms with 6 months worth of essentials… We can’t afford to go without your support!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Donate Financially
    You can help us cover some of our most basic and necessary costs, as well as funding bigger projects. Every little bit helps, so whether a company or a family, we encourage you to donate what you can!   DONATE HERE
  2. Shop & drop off your items
    Download our Mandela Day Needs List for 2020 – you can donate these items in person by booking a visit with our team at Botshabelo. We can host small (5 or less) groups and give you a virtual tour of our organisation (masks required).
  3. For EVERY donation, we will FILL A SQUARE on our website!
    Follow the journey with us, track the progress and share to your social media followers, employees, friends, whatsapp groups and anyone who will listen!
  4. Remember: BEE and Tax Benefits apply to all donations.
    For individuals or companies – we’re happy to supply you with any paperwork required to get the ball rolling, and the tax/BEE benefits achieved.

If you need a downloadable PDF to take to your boss… Click Here

Mandela Day is our favourite day of the year, as we get to witness the generosity of our nation coming together to give back.

We make our mark, we have some fun and we change lives!

This year we get to share that with the WORLD as donations can come from anyone, anywhere! And as we watch the squares fill up, we believe we will witness the heart of humanity doing some GOOD in these crazy times!

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