How does adoption work? (pt 1)

We may talk about adoption a lot and forever families, but one of the things we have come to realise is that not everyone knows how adoption works, what the process is like and how we are actively involved in that process. 

Through all of these questions and wanting to shed a light on adoption, we’ve decided to do a series of blog posts to highlight more on this topic. We want to be able to take you on this journey with us, so you can see what part you get to play as you partner and get involved with Botshabelo. You make a difference in a little one’s life in more ways than you may realise. 

When it comes to adoption, we do not actually facilitate the adoption process, but we do work alongside the adoption agency called ABBA. Abba Specialist Adoption & Social Services is a non-profit organization founded in 1983. They are a designated child protection organization with adoption accreditation for national and inter-country adoptions. ABBA provides a range of direct services to abandoned, neglected, orphaned and vulnerable children who appear to be in need of permanent alternative family care. 

As Botshabelo, we provide a loving, caring, homely environment addressing each abandoned baby’s needs and enabling them to grow to their full potential while ABBA deals with the legal side of the reunifications and adoptions until our babies get to go to their forever families.  

This is only the first part in helping you understand how adoption works and what part we play, but we hope to tell you more about the journey to finding our beautiful babies and their forever families.

Thank you to each and every person that partners with us in big and small ways to care for these abandoned babies. We appreciate you!


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Written By: Jessica Smith 


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