Changing lives through excellent education

We just love hearing the laughter of little preschoolers while walking around on the property. They are always greeting everyone with wide smiles and bright eyes. Their joy is contagious and the love of learning in these youngsters is evident.

At Urban Kids we believe that an early start to education is a key component to great success in ones future. Our staff have all embarked on an educational journey and are up-skilling themselves in various academic areas. By doing this we ensure that we will continue to provide Urban Kids with the best education!

Our teacher’s have added more “green time” (outdoor time) to our curriculum, hopefully to counter balance the screen time. We have taken the classroom outside and do many lessons on the jungle gyms, under the trees, and take the children on nature walks. Through these experiences, not only do we stay Covid safe, but children get to learn through their environment.

In order to make quality education accessible to all, we endeavour to keep the school fees at Urban Kids at a minimal level. For the truly low income families we want to reach, our monthly fee is completely unaffordable. For these families, we aspire to pair them with a sponsorship to alleviate the burden. If you would like to sponsor a child’s school fees, please get in touch with us at

TOGETHER, we can transform lives through excellent education.

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