Baby Miracles in 2020

Twenty Four Seven. Three Hundred and Sixty Five.

Our Babies Home never shuts down or locks down – no matter the regulations or realities. Our babies need round-the-clock care…it’s a 24/7, 365-days-a-year operation. Never ending, never ceasing.

We love it this way!! Why? Because it gives us 525 600 minutes to witness miracles and moments to celebrate!

In the face of a full-on, fantastically crazy year, our Babies Home has seen these moments over and over… and we can’t keep it to ourselves! So here’s the highlights of our 2020… the Baby Miracles we are celebrating:

  1. Forever Family Fix…
    We have placed 8 children in their Forever Families this year! With 6 of these happening in October and November. Phew! Its been a whirlwind of packing bags and making photo albums. Of last-touch kisses and teary goodbyes. Its been a magic-filled month of bitter-sweet goodbyes. EIGHT beautiful babes will spend Christmas with their families!
  2. Turnaround Stories… Prem Babies fight back! 
    One of our little boys was born 2 months prem and spent the first 3 months of his life in ICU. He came to our home during lockdown. We were concerned about him getting sick easily because of his prematurity or have developmental delays and yet God has been so faithful in every detail! He has picked up weight so well and has not had any infections at all since being with us. When we noticed that he was feeding slowly and struggling with his solids, he was assessed by a speech therapist in our community who has treated him free of charge and his feeding issues have been resolved. She also referred him to a physiotherapist who came to our home and assessed him free of charge (again!) and gave our staff an exercise program to follow which has helped him to progress! His milestones for his age are almost on track! He’s eating well and is a happy giggly boy with the most beautiful dimples!

    One little man came to our home when he was 2 months old. He was born prem. He was originally placed in another home and had stopped breathing due to a suspected infection and brain bleed. He was resuscitated and taken to hospital and then admitted to our home after that. We were so nervous that he would stop breathing again. He was tiny and fragile. But this little man went from strength to strength! Despite his complicated start and concerns of damage done to his brain because of it, he has met all his milestones on time. He is now an active, happy toddler who is talking incredibly well for his age and shows no delays in his development! He’s with his Forever Family now!
  3. Learning in Level Whatever… 
    Our Babies Home Caregivers have, for the past little while, been hard at work on their Level 4 Certificate in Child and Youth Care Work. This course has been generously sponsored by donors in our community and is the first opportunity our cargeivers have had to study further and invest in themselves. With 4 of our staff eagerly awaiting their printed certificates (thanks Covid Delays!) we have 4 more ladies studying currently. These women have faced lockdowns and distance learning, family woes and wide-spread panic… and yet they have continued to invest in their futures by growing and developing through education. We are so proud!

So, no matter the levels of lockdown, our home continues to feed and love and nap and care… And that’s been our story this year. A story of sowing into the lives of the most vulnerable children in society. A story of seeing that same society rally and support us. A story of celebrations and tears – because there is no perfect story! We have laughed with toddlers and cried with the heartbreaking realities our country faces. We have swayed with the tirades of two year olds and excitedly led tiny hands towards their bright, new future.

As we tell these stories and look back at God’s faithfulness… we honour those who make us strong, who make our children strong. We can not create futures of hope and destiny for our children without the faithful staff of our Babies Home or the generous donors who support us.

THANK YOU! Let’s all take a moment to reminisce on these Baby Miracles that are not so little after all!



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