UPDATE: Relief Fund

In times of great need, community solidarity is more a gift than ever! The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown our impoverished communities into greater need than ever before. In the face of this wave of need, in the face of prevalent fear of the unknown, we are incredibly grateful for the support of SO MANY! So many individuals and companies have stepped up to the plate to donate and donate generously!  Together, we have raised over R400 000 to pour aid into the lives of hundreds of families.

To date, we have been able to give vital support to 650 families (more than 2 000 people!) through the Relief Fund, and each new day we receive more requests for support! Your giving has allowed us to reach the especially vulnerable in our network through grocery drop-offs and e-vouchers to purchase groceries, to buy sanitary and hygiene items, even to buy electricity–whatever they need most! Many of our staff and our partners are on-the-ground in impoverished communities. There has always been poverty, but now it’s becoming more and more common to see people searching through the rubbish heaps in these communities. In the face of more than 100 new requests EACH DAY, as well as such devastating visual reminders of the need, our team has been very busy! Last week alone, we processed nearly 300 e-vouchers and did 15 family drop-offs (some for new families, others were repeat gifts to families who received some support early in lockdown).

Here is a peek at the MANY thank you’s we receive each day:

Donate to the Relief Fund here!

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